Weighted nipple clamps and suspension for submissive skinny teen slave

It is very easy to draw a big breasted woman to orgasm by using nipple clamps. However it is totally different when you have to deal with a submissive teenager that only has tiny tits. Let me show you the right way of handling this type of bondage women. I hope she loves extreme pain because tits clamps are going to be pretty harsh!

The test subject for today's nipple clamps guide is a slim blonde teen girl. She only had been tied up once or twice in her life so pretty much it is going to be her first ever hardcore bondage. The girl looks like a potential pain slut to me: we only have to expose the natural submission that is hidden somewhere deep down in the darkest corners of her sexuality. I guess weighted nipple clamps and steel hook in her ass will do the trick!

Leaving young slut on the ground would be nice starts but suspending her up in the air looks like a better option to me. Few ropes is the only thing you need to do this kinky combination of hogtie and strappado bondage. Young lady is hanging there with her face down, her hands driven backwards and her feet up. Using big ball gag in the scene looks like another good idea: we don't want her screaming loud during the nipple clamps torture. Minor moans will be more suitable and gag will do the job of keeping her silent!

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The teen torture itself is done with just nipple clamps attached to her small tits and stainless steel put into girl's ass. A bit of sex toy stimulation forces the slave to shake her body helplessly. Look at the lead weights at the end of each of the clamps: those are swinging here and there, causing lots of pain! Shall we bring the slut down already or maybe you would prefer to leave her hanging there until juice start dripping from that young and shaved pussy?

Pictures for this post were taken from one of the recent updates of Hogtied.com website. Guys out there do not hesitate to use weirdest creations of human mind for torturing women. All kinds of bondage combined with lots of pain devices (including a variety of nipple clamps) force girls to scream, cum, ask for mercy and more pain at the very same time! The site is updated daily and features picture gallery and hi-definition movie within each update. Click the banner above to go there now and see what terrible things are being done to another silly slut that was dare to submit!

Armbinder, nipple clamps and body harness for nude slave Ashley Renee

It is hard to stop the search for the sexiest tits with nipple clamps on. Some people prefer breasts to be big, others like small. It looks like I've found the girl with the right size and shape of the juggs to become my favorite nipple clamps model. Here are a few pictures of her nude and bound. Enjoy!

Her name is Ashley Renee and she is one of the world's most honored BDSM models. For me she is the ultimate definition of a MILF: still extremely sexy, with a hot body and pair of utterly beautiful tits (those were just made for wearing nipple clamps). Still: there are lots of good-looking moms and cougars out there, but you need something more to become a successful bondage model with thousands of fans. Ashley has plenty of that: I am talking of submission and love to bondage.

By looking at the pictures you can tell that there are just a few things Ashley Renee enjoys more than being fully stripped, helplessly restrained and allowed to fight her bonds while there are nipple clamps put on top of each of her gorgeous tits. Woman loves every second of her slavery and she shares that joy with us!

Nipple clamps isn't the only thing I adore in this gallery. Black leather body harness and tight armbinder look so good when put on Ashley! I wonder if the slut has any orgasms while fighting her bondage? What do you think?

Ashley Renee would like to invite you to visit her official website and to share her love to submission and slavery. Ashley tries all kinds of bondage to explore the darkest areas of her sexuality and then shares the results with her fans. Updates are being added to the site regularly to keep surfers horny and happy. Click the banner to go there now and enjoy Ashley in bondage!

Nipple clamps are the new toy for busty MILF

By looking at Christina Carter you can tell that she is a really passionate lady and enjoy doing kinky things. Today busty babe would love to play with a newly bought set of nipple clamps. Let's get closer and enjoy the way these look on top of her big tits.

The feeling of being tied up and stripped is absolutely natural for Christina. Check out her official website Christina Carter and take pleasure in hundreds of picture galleries and hours of movies where this sexy MILF is getting put in bondage and teased with nasty toys. With lovely tits like hers it would be stupid not to use nipple clamps as tit torture device. There is no need to worry about that anymore: Christina is just got herself a pair and would love to try them out!

Hot woman moisturize nipple clamps firstly. She puts them in her mouth and licks them with her filthy tongue. Then she tightens them over each of her nipples. It looks like a miracle: after just a few seconds of wearing nipple clamps each of nipples gets hard. MILF seems like enjoys feeling the weight of cold steel on her breasts. Would you like to pull that chain and make a bit more exciting for the girl? BTW; don't forget that you can place an order at the Stockroom online shop and buy nipple clamps just like Christina Carter using in this episode!

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Nipple clamps and extreme bondage for flexible girl

I am not a newbie in the world of female bondage and this isn't the first time when I see nipple clamps in action. But there are a small number of girls who still surprises me with their ability to suffer major BDSM pain and take pleasure in it. Looks like some women have their tits specially made for being teased with clamps. Sexy Darling is one of these very pain-loving ladies.

Hogtied.com website is famous for its ability to take slavegirls to the very limit. Some girls are non tolerant to pain and start screaming as soon as nipple clamps are being put on top of their breasts. However there is a totally different kind of sluts who take pleasure in being put in a really extreme bondage and have a number of painful devices attached all over their most sensual body parts. Lovely Darling is not only extremely flexible, but she is also having this very kinky feature: slavegirl prefer cumming when having weighted nipple clamps hanging on her boobs.

You need flash to see this movie.

Fully undressed and tied up, exposed Darling is ready to have her breasts to be tortured. Tight rope nooses put round tits helps making them even more sensible. Have you noticed the way bound boobs change their color to pink? Breast bondage works perfectly when combined with nipple clamps torture!

For a submissive slut like Darling nipple clamps on their own isn't enough to feel all the joy of BDSM. You'll need lots of lead weights to make this whore suffer. Check out the pictures and enjoy the way captivated woman shakes her entire upper body trying to get rid of steel toys and heavy weights. By looking at her face you can tell that the girl is going through a whole range of emotions combined of pain and pleasure! It is hard to say which is prevailing but there is one thing I can guarantee: nipple clamps will force her to have the strongest climax in her life!

Enjoy the full version of this episode at Hogtied.com and see all the bizarre bondage torments sexy Darling was going through that day. Every second of her nipple clamps tit torture was shot on video and hundreds of pictures were made along the action. Click the banner above to get to the site now and start enjoying the painful tease! You've never seen before a nude woman was tormented so much! Hurry up: she is already tied and waiting for you!

Pulling tits of a pretty redhead girl with nipple clamps

Leaving nipple clamps just hanging on tits isn't the right way of teasing a woman. Pulling them up with ropes seems like a good starts for a tit torture. Check out a young and good-looking redhead goes through a kinky nipple pulling torment.

SocietySM.com website did this episode with style! They have the pretty slave undressed and all tied up with ropes before hanging nipple clamps on her tits. Put in a sitting pose, ball gagged and with a couple of steel devices crushing her pink nipples violently, submissive girl has no options other than sit there and suffer major pain in her tits.

To make it even kinkier for her, master ties ropes to each of nipple clamps and them pulls them upwards mercilessly. Already taken to the very limit with hardcore breast pain, redhead slut becomes even more excited when dominator brings the sex toy and uses it on girl's clitor. Vibrator does its job very quickly and bound nipple clamps slave cums just a couple of minutes later. Is there a better way to force tied girl to have bondage orgasm other than teasing her with sex toy and tit clamps?

Check out SocietySM.com website for the full version of this episode. Enjoy the way sexy redhead was enslaved and then put in a series of kinky bondage poses. See her lovely tits were intensively tortured with nipple clamps in a full-size picture gallery and watch the full-length in which she forced to cum in with ropes, pain and BDSM humiliation! Click the banner now!

Sex slave trained with nipple clamps and lots of hot wax

Painful nipple clamps are one of the most frequently used devices when it comes to sex slaves training. Girl becomes ten times more submissive when there are a couple of steel clamps are mounted on top of her nipples. Let's take a look at a skinny pain vixen that is looking forward to please her master.

Women with small tits enjoy painful nipple clamps the same way as the busty ones. Just look at the girl on the pictures. She is fully into her BDSM torment and loves every second of her tiny boobs getting violated with torment devices.

Cruel master uses a number of other tools on his slave: lots of hot wax is being poured all over girl's chest: it works very well when combined with nipple clamps. Enslaved babe holds the tits with her arms to pick as much heat as she can! What a BDSM slave to play with!

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Rope bondage and nipple clamps torture in the woods

You might be bored a bit with thousands of bedroom bondage scenes posted here and there, but the nipple clamps cam be used during outdoor BDSM activities also. Let me show you nasty episode where lovely blonde is tied to tree naked and them entertained with steel nipple clamps attached to her tits.

I am really happy for the sexy girl who is posing in this episode. It must be fun to submit to a master with lots of creativity! Taking the bondage action to the woods makes it exciting for both: female slave and viewers. Nude, bound, helpless and left alone with clamps on her nipples: what else a submissive woman needs?

You need flash to see this movie.

The bondage scenario itself reminds me one of those popular storylines where a woman is being captured and kept in the woods by rogues. Her clothes are all ripped off and lots of rope is used for bondage. In the first scene the abducted lady is standing on one of her feet while in the other she is sitting as the bottom of the tree with her legs spread. Please note that rope in both of bondage poses is used for gagging and blindfolding the beautiful female. How cool is that!

Rope bondage is not the only thing that tortures the exposed slave. There are two nipple clamps put on top of each of her breasts. But it seems that those are not enough for a pain slut like this so a couple of other activities were used during the training. While the pussy whipping is more or less classics, the second one is a bit of bizarre. There is an electric drill with a huge dildo put deeply in the tight pussy of nipple clamps slave and then turned to a hi-speed mode. Check out the video and enjoy the helpless slave reacts to that torment!

There were a number of other nasty ties applied to this sexy woman. What would you say if I'd tell you that one of them shows her undressed, fully bound and then suspended upside down on a bough? Want to see that? Head on to the Hogtied.com website where the full set of pictures and 60 minutes of video are available for this episode! Enjoy every second of an exposed woman with nipple clamps getting trained in the woods! Hit the banner below:

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